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We have been distributed the high-pressure air compressor of BAUER Group (West Germany) since 1976. Later on, ROTORCOMP, the division of low-pressure air compressor of BAUER Group, authorized us to market their RC-branded products on an exclusive basis in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. Sales and service centers are established in Dairen, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanking, Xiamen, Foochow, Tunkwong, and Hong Kong. Upon the request of this company, ROTORCOMP has designed a special model that is to be used in a high-temperature high-humidity environment. A series of noise-free model was also marketed in 1998 and it had become quite popular and had won itself a good name worldwide. DYNA has Specialzed in the design and production of screw air compressors for over 40 years. Our products have been taking the leading position in the domestic market of China and have been far and well sold to more than 20 countries and districts of Africa, Middle East and South-East Asia. Our enterprise has been titled as "The Model Enterprise of the Quality Management" designated by the authority and has passed ISO9001, CE and UL Attestations of Conformity as well as "the Attestation of conformity For Electrical Equipment" issued by the government.
DYNA has production history for over 40 years, new models have been developing, production of old model still goes on. Experience and accumulation of technic plus advanced automation warehouse management, sufficient inventory of spare parts.
DYNA Eco-package DYNA presents eco-friendly packing to reduce environment impact. FSC certified paper used, less material and 70%+ recyclable, brown standard export carton with “DYNA efficiency” printing in blue. We take the eco-responsibility seriously.
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